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The Pissed Off Pete isn't a sipper

Gary's Pete will cause a stir at the pump. One awesome piece of equipment.

Fuel tanks are rated at useable, or volume gallons. There is no standard. Regardless, tanks can only be filled to 95% to allow for expansion as hot fuel is returned from the engine. FMCSA 393.67 identifies the requirements.

Couple Examples:

Diesel fuel crossover, return, and withdrawal lines which extend below the bottom of the tank or sump must be protected against damage from impact.

For diesel-fueled vehicles, the fill pipe and vents of a fuel tank having a capacity of more than 94.75 L (25 gallons) of fuel must permit filling the tank with fuel at a rate of at least 75.8 L/m (20 gallons per minute) without fuel spillage.

Use a calculator. Example, a 25" diameter tank would be 56.5" long, for 120 gallon (volume). Useable, would be 10% less or 108 gallons. 5% on top for expansion, and 5% on the bottom for contamination.

If your 25" diameter tank is 62.5" long by volume, that would be 133 gallons (X .90), or 120 gallon useable. Both are identified as a 120 gallon tank.

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