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Rockin' but not rollin'

ESC/ESP (Electronic Stability Control/Electronic Stability Program) are essentially the same product, the particular name depends on the manufacturer. Both essentially are solutions to reduce the risk of rollover, jack knife, and other loss of control conditions.

The features utilize the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), steering input measurement, yaw and lateral sensors to determine the state of the vehicle. The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or ECM (Electronic Control Module) monitors the inputs and applies brakes as necessary to prevent situation from becoming out of control.

The system analyzes vehicle configuration (tractor/straight truck), wheelbase, suspensions, steering geometry, track width and load center of gravity. This program is very sensitive to modifications, therefore altering axle sizes, adding or removing axles, lengthening/shortening the wheelbase, changing from a truck to a tractor and vice versa, changing the steer wheel, relocating frame components, altering the air and or electrical harness, can affect system functionality.

Most of these alterations will turn on the ESC or ESP light, and limit the chassis to 5 MPH. In essence, altering/modifying these chassis is not recommended. Contact the dealer for requirements.

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Believe It OR Not


A snail can have 25,000 teeth. Spider silk, often compared to Kevlar, has amazed us with it's tough yet flexible properties. But when tested, the snail tooth material was, on average, about five times stronger than most spider silk. This makes it the strongest natural material on Earth. Tests in the lab revealed that it can withstand pressure that would turn carbon into diamond.

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