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Watt do volts mean to amps


nverters convert 12V Direct Current (aka: battery power) into 120V Alternating Current (aka: 60HZ outlet power) for appliances such as TVs, coolers, microwaves, basically any 120V device out of the home. Optimum input DC voltage for these systems, to function properly, is in the 12V to 14V range.

For the correct size inverter, add the maximum amperage or wattage of the required appliances. See below an example. If the inverter is rated for 2500W continuous output power, divide 2500 by 120 volts = 21 continuous amps maximum. Inverters usually have a peak power requirement which is used for short bursts which could be twice that of the continuous power rating.

Microwave example:

The advertised value on the oven represents cooking power. The actual power could be approximately 50% higher (IE: 600W microwave could consume up to 1200W). These values should be noted on microwave. 1200 watts divided by 120V = 10 amps. The 2500W inverter supports 21 amps, so the microwave would work, along with some other items.

Also, the power watt rating of certain tools like saws or pumps refers to normal operation. The actual power at start up may be up to 300% higher. So, for these applications, it is best to order an inverter that is much more powerful than what the tools requires. Otherwise starting may not occur.

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