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  • What experineces prepared you for training?
    The team is experienced with Order Processing, Manufacturing Processes, Enineering Field Service, Training and Sales (with an emphasis on Vocational Trucks)
  • Who are your clients?
    Z-factor has been contracted to over 60% of the Heavy-Duty Trucks OEMs across North America, Addidtional clients include Natural Gas Vehicle Modification and several Major Component suppliers. Its is not uncommon for the team to speak at company sales meetings or at a trade show. Additionally, we have held cleasses abroud.'
  • What is unique about your training?
    We recognize that the vehicle design is left largely to the customer and the sales representative. Z-factor provides classroom training and supporting documentation in an effort to steer away from the common mistakes and increase customer profits through well planned solutions. Our classroom training emphasizes communication and problem solving in an interactive environment.
  • How do you stay relevant?
    Attending shows, participating in trucking events, consulting with vendors, and providing solutions keeps us apprised of industry changes and how they impact the customer. Netweorking is a required component of being effective, and we lead by example for our students.
  • What does the annual membership price include?
    Membership is required only for eLearning Courses: Truck Component Functionality and Practical Vehicle Application. All other website content is free of charge. This was recently changed due to our on-going commitment to education of the industry
  • Is a membership required for spec help?
    You must register to use the Zenquiry (individual spec review assistance) but a subscrition is not always required. Fill out the Zenquiry form and Gary will contact you. You can purchase a spec review a spec review ($250) without a subscription, but there is no real benefit, plus you want access to the tools. Additional reviews can be purchased as needed.
  • Subscription policy
    A. Payment will be drawn from the source provided at registration, up until User cancels their subscription. B. Cancelling a subscription revokes access to Course 2 and Course 3, the remainder of the site remains accessible. C. It is recommended to set a personal reminder for cancellation of your subscription which aligns with your estimated competition date. D. If your subscription is cancelled prior to the end of a billing cycle, access will remain for the full 31-day cycle. E. The billing cycle is 31 calendar days from the date-time the User purchases the subscription. F. When 31 days have expired, a new billing cycle is invoked, and the User will be obligated to an additional full monthly fee. G. There is no prorating of the cycle fee. It is the responsibility of the User to maintain their access timeframe, logistically, and financially. H. If there are technical issues with a cancellation, alert the Site Administrator ahead of your expiration date for intervention. I. Users are financially responsible for any additional full month billings, when the cycle term has been exceeded and the subscription is active
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